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    Pet Poop Grabber

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    Pet Poop Grabber

    PickMe Pets Portable Handheld Dog Pooper Scooper, easily pick up pet poop without mess; no touch, nothing to clean. Claw jaw works great on grass, gravel, or dirt.

    • COMPACT & LIGHT, Just 7 oz. and 11" long. Easy to bring along walks.
    • SIMPLE OPERATION, Picking up poop is almost fun.
    • TOUCH FREE, No more warm & mushy feeling.

    • NO CLEANING, Neither scooper or hand makes contact, so it's all good.
    • RECYCLE, storage compartment for recycle grocery bags.


      Color: red,yellow,blue
      Size: Small 25.5*6.8*12.5cm
               Big 44*20*11.5cm 

      Package Content:

      1 x pet pooper scooper

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